Welcome to three very relaxed articles we wrote for an earlier newsletter. I hope you find them fun and informative. This one is about using botanical essences to create positive change and bring growth into all areas of your life. Helping you grow through obstacles in your life, blossom into your highest self and enjoy the rewards of your perfection. You may have seen the Botanical Alchemy Flower Essences on the website or experienced the Isis Temple Aura Cleanser being sprayed in your aura. If you have I hope you enjoyed the experience.
We put a lot of love and care into our essences to honor and protect the life force of the plants that have chosen to work with us. With their spirits alive and happy within the formulas, their healing intention and gifts can come through with clarity, gentleness, love and strength. These qualities and their life force helps the essences carry their gifts deeply into your energy field. Flowing into your aura, your chakras, your meridians, your self image, your self esteem, your shadow side, your emotional and mental bodies, your habits, working on fears, angers, hurts, imbalances, thoughtforms, and other limitations. The flowers unconditionally love you and they love to bring their love, wisdom, balance, and gifts into places you are experiencing blockages, or lets call them, opportunities for growth. Especially places in your field that are hard to get into and work on.

This is a time on the planet when all of us have a chance to grow in emotional and spiritual ways and then contribute our joy and wisdom harvests from this growth to each other, and our mother Gaia. Have I mentioned the plants really like our mother? She is having 'opportunities for growth' at the moment as well.

Well anyway back to the essences, plants and their devas carry gifts, and wisdoms, and healing energies that can penetrate deeply into sticky or wet or hot or dry or hidden or dense or stubborn areas of our being and bring healing and balance. This improved health and balance allows us to more effortlessly become our highest self and then enjoy its delightful expression and reflection manifesting in the world.

I fell in love with flowers because they were thrilled to do the heavy lifting in so many areas of my life and spiritual development. I married them because of their unconditional love and the unending riches of their gifts and happiness. I have never met a flower that didn't want to share something or point something out or failed to treat me like family. From my heart to yours, welcome to the most loving family on earth.


Next month: The Isis Temple Aura Cleanser (unless another topic blooms brighter)

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Aura Cleanser

Isis Temple Aura Cleanser

 Experience and process, cleanse, release and rebalance, renew, recommit and restart with refreshed energy. This is the spiritual cycle that the Temple of Isis teaches and values. (it is also known as the Temple of the Dawn) Every dawn is a fresh start with a new you. The Isis Temple Aura Cleanser is a gift from the Temple of the Dawn and it assists us with every stage of this uplifting cycle of cleansing and renewal. 
I have been enjoying and learning from The Aura Cleanser (in this lifetime) for almost 30 years. In that time it has evolved and changed from a 2 goal, 2 element, 3 ingredient mixed crystal-cleanser to become a 4 goal, 4 element, 60 ingredient alchemical formula for cleansing auras, crystals, spaces, power objects etc, brewed and potentized through a 7 stage process.

The Aura Cleanser has sequenced goals programmed into it, it has a library of essences to draw from, it is elementally balanced, and it is charged with intent and life force. Lets go through these one at a time.
Sequenced goals means the Aura Cleanser seeks to do the following things in order without pushing anyone's growth too fast. (Arch Angel Michael's suggestion) These sequenced goals are 1) It seeks to cleanse and transform negative energies, 2) renew life force, 3) reconnect to spirit, earth and your life path, and 4) provide positive joyful energy for growth, transformation and positive energy work or magick.
The library of essences means that it has a wide variety of energies to draw from as it does its work. Multiple goals, different people, situations and blockages all call for unique energies. Having a library to draw from gives the Aura Cleanser its special ability to work for everyone and all sorts of blockages..
Elementally balanced means the Aura Cleanser is not restricted to certain issues or toxic messes. It can handle any combination of elements creating a blockage. Auric and energetic toxins are stuck elements or combinations of elements. As most cleansing techniques are one or two element and often a single gender, their ability to work on all issues is greatly limited, although it makes them stronger in their unique areas. The inherent balance of the Aura Cleanser also helps us find more of our own balance and learn to respect the essential gifts and healing that balance brings us. Balance is what we are bringing to the planet. We bring balance by learning balance.

Charged with intent means it has a lot of energy attached to its sequenced goals and charged with Life Force means you get the best result when you see it and treat it like a living friend rather than just a collection of ingredients. It is a very happy and healing friend often with a clear picture of how it wants to help you.
There is more to share about the many interesting qualities in its library but that is for another day.
I love the Aura Cleanser so much and I am glad many of you are enjoying it and putting it to the spiritual and other use it desires. May Isis bless your heart with love and a perfect path to balance, meaning and bliss open at your feet.



    'Holy spinning crown chakra batman,   gasp, those negative vibes  pant from the city are starting to get through my protective energy field   groan.'

'Don't stress boy wonder, we have been in darker and more negative places than this.'

'I don't know batman, my self esteem is crumbling before my

  eyes. I think the bad vibes are consuming the last of my  remaining optimism. My trust meter and love levels are dangerously low. I am not going to make it'

'Robin very carefully see if you can twist your remaining positive energy into your arm and reach down into your good vibes utility belt. Can you do it?'

'I think I can Batman, YES! I am there.

OK, now carefully extract your Protection Cocktail Set and take some of each in this handy H2OM water bottle. Good! Now sip, breathe and relax. Sip again Boy Wonder. How do you feel now? Do you feel stronger? Is your strength and positive imaging ability returning?'

Yes it is! Great idea Batman, I feel free of the bad vibes and energized with the joy of life again. Lets go heal the world of lowered expectations.

At Botanical Alchemy we know even a superhero needs protection in the 21st century, and our Protection Cocktail Set combines our 3 favorite protective blends and as you

The Trauma blend helps heal old emotional wounds and stitch the auric fabric back together. Stitching these wounds closed allows your life force to start healing your aura. (Sometimes these wounds need to be dressed with other blends to remove hurts, emotions, ideas, bitternesses etc that are lodged in the space, or coat the edges and block the life force from entering the wound, but we will deal with that in other column) Closing these large and stubborn holes stops your energy leaking out and prevents other people's energies rolling in and out of your auric gap unfiltered.

The Immune Energy Blend is more protective with a slightly lesser focus on closing holes and rebuilding the aura. It does close smaller holes, particularly from inappropriate self image or low self esteem, and it does toughen the edges of the aura up so other people's energies cannot so easily find a home. Compared to the Trauma blend it is more of a general purpose protection for day to day use. It is designed to help protect healers or sensitives especially if they deal with toxic individuals, institutions or environments.

The Un-Stress blend is designed to stimulate clear thinking and calm emotions when you are under pressure, multitasking, deadline loomed, distracted, unsupported, concerned etc etc etc. Its protective function is a lighter bubble type effect, keeping distractions or overwhelm or too many thoughts or negativity or self doubts from entering into your high achievement and creativity bubble. By building and defending this bubble it gives you the space to see, plan clearly and achieve each goal efficiently with all your focus and energy. Puts you into 'The Zone' baby.

Happy Blooming




Dreams Come True

   Well fellow light beings the planet is certainly shifting. Are your lives shifting as much as everybody I know? The strongest shift seems to be a developing focus on reaching out for our goals and making the changes necessary to reach them. So today I would like to talk about two of our Cocktail Sets that target manifesting and self expression. They are the SUCCESS COCKTAIL SET and the CREATIVE FLOW COCKTAIL SET.
 SUCCESS is a great word. Just saying it lifts your spirit and your heart and your self belief. Lets say the word together and breathe in the expanding positivity. Success'    Success, Success. Say it to yourself frequently. Repeating it like a mantra transforms and dissolves old thought forms and limiting emotional patterns. The SUCCESS COCKTAIL SET is three Flower Essence blends that work as a team.

The Dreams Comes True blend helps you clarify and focus on your goals, aligns you with who you need to become to receive the joys and rewards associated with each goal, and draws in synergistic support from the universe to bring your dreams into reality. Make a list of your goals and say them as you take the blend. Your dreams are you, and act as a map to your future self.

Clear Communication helps your ideas coalesce into communicable and understandable concepts for working with and sharing with others. It also opens the throat chakra to help you speak your truth, share your visions and ask for support. It works equally well for intimate conversations or talking to larger groups.

Success is a team game and sharing your vision and your passion effectively is one of the primary glues that binds a team together. A team that binds together dissolves obstacles that might defeat an individual.

Un-Stress helps you center and balance and successfully multi-task or work under pressure. It re-arranges the information load in your mind to bring you a sense of calm confidence. Confidence about your ability to achieve your daily goals no matter how stressed you feel from deadlines, chaotic or challenging environments, crowded agendas and multiple commitments. I use it and love it every day.

The three blends work together by helping you at different stages of the manifestation cycle. The cycle is clarity, action, alignment, surrender, manifestation. On a daily basis visualize your goals as already completed and take time to fully draw in the joy this vision immersion induces. It is this energy coming from our goals that provides you the fuel to achieve success. Practicing being happy also trains you to receive positive emotional states more easily. This training helps you stop blocking the free flow of joy, pleasure, self love, bliss etc into your life. Goals help us grow in so many ways.

The second Cocktail Set that works on these issues is the CREATIVE FLOW COCKTAIL SET. It is composed of Clear Spirit, Inspiration, and Perfect Balance. Some people view creativity as a quality only for artistic endeavors but I think you can also be creative in changing the way you view yourself, your life, your resources and possibilities. These uses of creative thinking can hold the energy seeds of deep, sudden and radical change for the better. Another source of high energy is a creative change in the way we view and hold our current 'opportunities for growth' (sometimes called problems).

Inspiration and Clear Spirit are both channel opening formulas. Opening you up to receive ideas, from your highest self and all of your creative muses. They increase your creative fire, and your strength of your connection with it. This gets your drive to create and share your creations all a crazy burnin'. Get the fire extinguisher but don't use it just yet!!

This is where Perfect Balance, the third blend in the Cocktail pack comes in. It is about helping you balance body, mind and spirit, and balance your input and output. As you move to a new creative flow level it helps you stay balanced while you acclimatize. After a while you get used to a new level and can continue to jump to higher levels one by one. Who do you want to be? Go for it!

Creativity and manifesting are tied together in many ways. The one I like most is how fun they both are. A rush, a natural high, my favorite upper. May all your creative dreams explode into existence and flood your life and your heart with joy and exhilaration.