Our Flower Essence Blends and Cocktail Sets have been designed to make choosing them and using them as easy as possible. We understand however that it is sometimes like being in a confectioners shop and it can be challenging to know which remedies would be best to start with, and how to best take and combine them.

We are always happy to take five or 10 minutes to explain our blends, their distinguishing characteristics, the complementary qualities, and the best dosage patterns for you.

If you would enjoy a more detailed discussion of your personal circumstances and the best way forward with Flower Essences or Crystal Healing or any of our Healing Services you can arrange a consultation. These can be in person, via phone, Facetime or Skype. To make these affordable we charge on a sliding scale.

A 30 minute consultation with an in depth discussion of your circumstances and goals would be between $55 and $75.

A 60 minute consultation is between $95 and $125. You choose what you would like to pay.

A 90 minute full session, like a Crystal Healing is $125-$175.

We do in-person consultations and healings in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Diego and Phoenix areas.

To see the full range of our services visit our Healing Services page

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