Clifton Harrison, the creator of Botanical Alchemy Flower Essences & the Isis Temple Aura Cleanser, is offering an introductory class in his magical essences and how to use them in your life. Flower Essences are gentle, powerful, and adaptable allies for your path and your goals, and they happily help transform your inner and outer "growth opportunities" with love. This introductory class is a full day. Information packed and fast paced, remember to bring your brain and a pen.

Next Class is the second day of our Falling Leaves Full Moon Healing Weekend.

The Healing Weekend runs from 27th-29th October 2023.

At Angels Light Healing  3 Clipper Rd Suite D Rancho Palas Verdes

For more information call us or reach out to Diane Derieg 310 748-1539

Class is on October 28th  and costs $125

  These advanced classes give you an opportunity to learn more about the Botanical Alchemy flower essences, Aura Cleanser, and other products. They offer an in-depth look at the blends, their ingredients, structures, and healing signatures. The classes will include deepening your intuitive connection to the essences and to understand each blend on an energetic level. This development of your intuitive connection will complement your deeper mental understanding of the flowers and give you more confidence to guide yourself and others in their flower walk.
The classes will also help you develop your own personal approach to using the flowers. The classes have been designed so that there is a strong focus on the experiential and meditative components, with each of the blends over several classes. Each class will have a theoretical component and then a deeper look at the blends in a category or two. We will go through each blend's ingredients and their qualities, and discover how those come together in the formula's structure and goals.

These classes are a perfect way to integrate the flower essences more effectively into your healing practice, or your life.

Currently the Advanced Course comprises the 7 separate classes detailed below. Each class is about 2 1/2 hours and costs $55. The Classes are self contained and can be taken in order, or out of order. It is helpful to have taken the Introduction to Flower Essences class at least once before you start but not essential. You would certainly benefit by taking the introductory course before you complete the Practitioner Course.





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  Introduction to Crystal Healing  
  Clifton Harrison has been exploring the healing properties of crystals ever since he added them to his homeopathic practice over twenty years ago. In this talk he will introduce you to various crystal types and shapes, ways to use and classify crystals, and how to hear crystals when they speak to you.  Bring your crystal questions and crystal love. The introductory class usually about two hours long.  
  Foundation Crystal Skills  
  Doorways to Light

Crystals are extremely powerful and adaptable tools. They are also an unending source of beauty and fun. This is a one day course designed to jump start your crystal journey. The workshop is a balance between the theoretical and the experiential. It is a deeper and more hands-on class than the introduction class. The theoretical covers crystal types and qualities and how best to use them for effective results. The experiential builds on the theory by allowing you to practice the skills you are being taught. These skills include crystal programming, crystal meditation, crystal massage, cleansing and caring for your crystals, and learning to hear crystals talk.

Next Class:

October 14th Santa Barbara $125

  Experience the Joys of Crystal Healing
  Crystal healing is one of the deepest and gentlest healing techniques available today.  A crystal healing session with Clifton involves discussing your circumstances and growth opportunities, scan-reading the current patterns in your aura, soul path diagnosis, listening to his angels and then laying stones and crystals on your body to shine their healing light into your Chakras and subtle auric bodies.  Clifton will also make some flower essence or homeopathic suggestions to do some of the heavy lifting and deeper change for you as you walk your healing path.

Clifton is well-known for his deep heart repair which has resulted in many of his clients drawing love and marriage into their lives.

Clifton is also available for shorter sessions that include an aura scan-reading, a soul path diagnosis, and flower essence suggestions, but does not include a crystal layout.

For more information about crystal healing please visit our crystal healing page.

For a brochure on crystal healing please visit our brochures view and download page.

     This course covers the structure of the aura and its bodies, its chakras and seals, and the qualities and energies of each of these. You will learn how to see and feel auras. You will learn to tune into the things you find in auras, learn more about how to heal and rebuild the aura. Open the chakras in your hands and develop your third eye. This workshop is a lot of fun. Your psychic skills may develop faster or slower than others. Believe in yourself and love yourself more every day. This is a half-day class.  
  Clifton has been a Reiki master, teaching and initiating practitioners in the Usui system of Reiki for 15 years. He is lucky to be co sharing this class with Mara Stevens. Bringing the spirit of Aloha, her healing practice combines Craniosacral, Reiki, Crystal Healing & Flower Essences with special focus on soul purpose, utilizing ancient shamanic traditions & ceremony.

Usui Reiki is a beautifully effortless, uplifting, and flexible healing energy that anyone can tap into for themselves, their family, friends, clients, pets, plants & crystals. In this first class you will learn how to open to be a channel for Reiki energy and how to direct it. May you grow to love it as much as we do.

Reiki Level 1 is an easy and enjoyable class that explains what Reiki is and how it works. It opens up your ability to channel Reiki.

  Reiki 2 is one of the most exciting levels to learn as it is where symbols start to be taught on a deeper level. You will learn 2 new symbols and how to use and integrate symbols into your practice.   
  More of the same, only even more fun and much bigger :-) More symbols, more Reiki and the ability to attune others. How could anyone want more than this? I know I don't.

For more information about Reiki Healing please visit our Reiki page.


     Play your way to success. Jack Canfield says, "I think self-esteem is the bottom line of every problem anyone ever has.  When you feel you have high self-esteem and you realize you can cope with anything then what you do is you participate in a way that will produce miracles."

This is a  fun and love-filled playshop that uses happiness and easy exercises to dissolve buried self esteem issues that sabotage your free reception of all the gifts the universe has to offer. Start creating diamond bright self love and watch your life start to gift you more and more every day, or stay at home and watch the television, maybe the Cardinals will win one.


  More of the same, only even more fun. This time we will focus on retraining our critical inner voices to become a chorus of love and support.  Life is a team game, and having your inner team aligned with you is even more important than your external teams.  
     The Spiritual Warrior develops love, balance, honesty, trust, light, gentleness and open heartedness.  The Spiritual Warrior overcomes fear, laziness, self-doubt, negativity, pessimism and nihilism.  This two-hour class opens a window into the skill development and empowerment techniques that are explored more fully within the spiritual warrior training.   
  Gentleness of heart and strength of spirit are the essential components of living the life of a spiritual warrior. Opening to change, accepting growth on both your male and female sides, and healing your heart all happen a lot easier if your skill set matches your goals. This course focuses on three areas that are foundation warrior skills. The three areas are grounding, protection, and swift recovery of inner balance. The balance of this workshop is very much to the experiential, to learning skills and practicing them. Please bring an item that represents a win or a success that you have had in life.

Some of these skills include color and element balancing, Tibetan breathing techniques, personal shielding and shield programming, and easy grounding techniques.  This is a half-day class.
  This course goes a little deeper into some of the skills you have learned in the first course and adds things like goal setting, element release, organ balancing, heart cleansing, crystal applications and the use of crystals, a warrior’s approach to inner talk, the power of goal setting, and Tibetan bell and dorje meditations.  This can be either a half-day or full-day class.