Dosage Strategies

    It is often helpful and appropriate to take several blends at a time. Usually your practitioner will design a dosage schedule to help them work well with each other. If you are choosing for your self this page will help you combine more than one formula and we offer help in constructing and combining most effectively. Feel free to call us with any question you might have. All of the formulas work well together and some are even suitable for "cocktailing" together.  


    Cocktailing is the practice of mixing 2 or more blends in a dose and taking them together without waiting the normal 5 minutes between taking different formulas. This may be done when taking the formulas under your tongue, or in water and sipping. 

The  most common reason for Cocktailing is when you are taking several blends at one time with the goal of achieving multiple things. For example you are taking HEALING HEART to heal old pains, BRIGHT MORNINGS to help the grief flow away and TRAUMA to close the wound. It is easier to take them together, and their common healing focus makes cocktailing a natural way to take them. Cocktailing can provide an easy way to simplify your dosage schedules and still get the number of doses of each blend that you need during a day.

As you learn more about our blends you will find that many of them share similarities in their effects with others. As you look closer and learn more you will see that each blend also has variations that give it a signature that differentiates it clearly from its similar siblings. 

The other frequent reason for Cocktailing is to combine several blends that functionally overlap each other together in a cocktail. This enables their common goals to create a super blend with even greater potency in an easy to take form. The ENERGY Cocktail and the Super PROTECTION Cocktail detailed below are good examples of this form of cocktailing. These 2 cocktails are so popular we have released them as Cocktail Sets, soon to be renamed and released as Cocktail Sets.

 If you are interested in cocktailing some of your own blends, the only things to remember are don't take
HIDDEN ISSUES or LIGHTEN GRIEF in cocktails unless your practitioner recommends it, and maybe it is best to keep it down to 3 blends in any single cocktail. It is fine to do 2 or more different cocktails in a day though. Remember to have fun with the flowers as you learn the best ways for you to take them.

Focusing On Your Goals While Taking Blends

    When taking a remedy, it can be helpful to stop for a minute and think about what you are trying to achieve with it. This centers you, strengthens the mental focus on your goals, and connects you with your desired result and the flowers' gifts. This aligns you to more easily receive the blend's effects. Some people like to say something positive or make affirmation of some sort. This can be helpful but it is not necessary to do any of these things to get the desired result. Some formulas such as UN-STRESS have been designed to be used during times of stress and overwhelm. During these times it can be particularly hard to get a moment and just sipping on the remedy is all that is needed.

DREAMS COME TRUE (Sunflower Blend) however, is an exception to this. It has been designed to help manifest your goals and one of the ways it works is to manifest your spoken word. In this instance we recommend you make a list of what you want to manifest and speak it aloud when you take the blend. you could phrase it " I am taking this blend to manifest the following goals. May these or even greater results flow easily to me" If you are in a public place you can say it very very quietly, or silently, and it will still help.

Day And Evening Complementicity






Some people find that different day and night formulas can help them achieve the desired effect more easily. There are many combinations of formulas to use and it is an easy way to ensure that each remedy gets an appropriate dosage level.

For example a good relaxing and stress release combination is the  

UN-STRESS (Yarrow Blend) during the day and the TRANQUILITY (Lavender Blend) in the evening. Both are best when placed in water and sipped frequently. The UN-STRESS Blend is best during the day as it helps boost your calmness and productivity when things are busy and the TRANQUILITY Blend is soothing and calming, helps you release the day, prepare you for a calmer soothing evening and a deeper more regenerative sleep. Both are most effective when sipped. 


Energy Cocktail

We have 3 formulas that are helpful for lifting energy levels:
RAPID RECOVERY (APRICOT Blend) which is excellent for recovering from burnout, or overwork.
SUSTAINABLE ENERGY (NASTURTIUM Blend) which is good for low energy and tiredness.
ATHLETE'S SPIRIT (GINSENG) Blend, which focuses on lifting your energy, coordinating body, mind,    and spirit and working intuitively with others. 

Most people will respond well enough to one of these formulas when taken by the sipping method to feel a major difference in your energy within 3-5 days. In more difficult cases we have cocktailed the 3 to kick things up to another level and achieved excellent results. These three formulas are available together in our ENERGY Cocktail Set.  


   Super Protection Cocktail

Similar to the ENERGY Cocktail, detailed above, you can cocktail these three PROTECTION blends together when one alone may not have achieved your desired goals.

Taken by themselves or in a cocktail, these blends are best taken by the sipping method to maximize the number of doses and increase their effect.

The three formulas that focus on or include protective energies for people who are sensitive are:

UN-STRESS (Yarrow Blend) is the one that includes protection as a part of its broader goals. In this blend the protective factor is one of the keys to regaining your center within busy or chaotic environments. It then goes on to the goals of organizing your thoughts and tasks and focusing your attention on the most productive first steps to achieve everything to want.

IMMUNE ENERGY (Echinacea Blend) is the strongest protective blend for sensitivity to external environmental, personal or emotional energies. It strengthens the aura, improves self image that allows negativity in and toughens the edges of your aura to defend against negative external energies.

TRAUMA (Arnica Blend) is designed for those who have experienced a major loss or emotional event in their lives that they are unable to release. It is designed to patch larger holes that have been left in the auric field by major traumatic events. Closing these holes make you less susceptible to your own energy leaks and more protected from other people's negative energies.





Catalytic Formula Techniques

    We have 3 blends that are catalytic, in that they can bring up emotional issues as a part of the healing process. Obviously with using blends that bring up emotions, the way you take them can help the process be a smoother one. The primary goal is to bring up the emotions at a pace that you can cope with, process and learn from, and release.

HIDDEN ISSUES (Fuchsia Blend) can be taken as conservatively as 2 or 3 doses under the tongue each day. You can then speed the process up or slow the process down as you desire, by taking more doses or less doses each day. The stronger and faster way to take it is to put it in water and si many times a day. This is the strongest way of taking the strongest of all of the Catalytic Formulas. Skip doses or days of doses if the release is too fast and uncomfortable to process. Using the calming Blends or the Single Emotion Blends can help you greatly during this phase.

CLEANSING FIRE (Geranium Blend) works best by sipping a glass during the evening and allowing your body, mind and spirit to process during the night. This blend is broad in its effects skipping a night or two if the processing and emotional release is going too fast. It is the second strongest of the 3 broad Catalytic Formulas.

The NEW PATTERNS (Aloe Vera Blend) works best by sipping a glass during the day over a period of time. You can vary the number of sips you take. You can take time off if it gets to strong. What is important is giving yourself time to look at and understand what is coming up from the past for release. This blend is broad in its effects. It is the gentlest of the 3 broad Catalytic Formulas.

The TRANSFORM ANGER (Willow Blend) is less broad in its scope. It focuses primarily on Anger. You can take this in a cocktail but is especially effective when you get a number of sips during and just after anger bursts. The formula can bring anger up for review. Deeper understanding of, and connection to what you are feeling is part of the releasing process. Releasing its hold on you.

Then you get to see what underlies the anger and work on lower layers that were previously hidden. These are often much less fiery emotions, like sadness, fear or loss. Dream release of old events or old grudges or slights is common with this blend. Consider taking the
FORGIVENESS blend on an ongoing basis whenever you are working on anger issues.

Well And Circle Technique

    While using one of the catalytic formulas to bring things up from inside (it digs the well deeply down into your emotions and allows them to flow to the surface) you also take one or more of the Flower Essence blends. Calming blends, supporting and balancing blends or single emotion focused blends all have their place.

 We call it a circle because the blends you choose stand around the well ready to ease emotional waves, calm anxiety or strengthen you and support you as the needs arise. The traditional pattern is to use
HIDDEN ISSUES with UN-STRESS, and LIGHTEN GRIEF for strong waves, Protection Blends and balancing blends when needed and any of the 4 single Emotion Remedies as necessary.

The Focused Single Emotion Blends are BRIGHT MORNINGS for sadness, grief, and feelings of depression, COURAGE for fear, DISSOLVE GUILT for guilt and low self-esteem, and TRANSFORM ANGER for Anger and resentment. Even though this last formula can be slightly catalytic, it can also be used in these situations to ease angers that may arise.

In the traditional well and circle technique we use many helpers as the emotions that come up often go through different phases and require different remedies. You can adapt the technique to use just one if it feels appropriate.