The flow of energy into and through your home and working spaces can have an impact on every area of your life. We love doing Feng Shui on homes and businesses, that are fully finished or in a construction phase. We specialize in finding, moving, healing or changing energy lines within the house and in the larger external environment.


                   FENG SHUI TREATMENT  

There are several steps in a Feng Shui treament, involving both the insdie of your home of Business and the outside.  We usually like to do it in the following order:


We start by mapping the Chi flow and path in your home or Office, evaluating the quality of the energy flow, diagnosing blockages, and recommending any cures to improve the flow and dissolve the blockages. We move into deep cleansing and decluttering when needed and also evaluating energy from furniture and other objects in your home or office.

* * *


                   MAPPING CHI OUTSIDE

   Then we usually move onto mapping the Chi flow outside and around your structure, looking for energy flow from your surroundings, Ley lines and neighbors that come through your property and effect you. Then applying cures, healing the Ley lines with the flower essences, or moving them around when need be.

* * *







   Often a space can need a more focused round or rounds of cleansing to remove the old or the less than pleasant. We have a number of tools and special sensitivity to bring to bear on this process and we can teach you how to work this yourself. The Aura Cleanser and the Flower Essences all work extremely deeply here.

* * *




    Sometimes older objects, like antiques, family heirlooms, items from past relationships can be holding energies that do not contribute to your wellbeing, success and harmony. We can find these and heal them. 

* * *


Cures are small changes you make to the environment to effect the flow. They can include using mirrors, plants, colors, views, artwork, personal items, and interior design tweaks to adjust the flow or calm cutting chi. Maybe moving a table 18 or changing the angle of a light is all that is needed.

* * *