This is a gem elixir and flower essence blend designed to feed and seed areas for nature divas to live in and thrive. It helps them move into new areas and thrive in areas they already live in.

   Think of it as a gift back to nature and habitation renewal for a lovely group of beings. It is sprayed in gardens & wild areas, on plants, in houses and on yourself. You can take it internally to increase your connection to the faeries

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  Designed By Faeries  
     Designed by the faeries, this blend of Gem Elixirs and Flower Essences is characterized by the care with which the faeries chose only the brightest, sparkliest and most colorful gems to create this formula.  Brewed on a Mid- Summer full moon, this formula acts as a food for faeries and other nature spirits.  By spraying it in areas where they already live, it acts as a food and enables them to thrive in that area more easily. When sprayed in an area that has previously been uninhabitable to fairies it acts as a habitation renewal agent and allows them to move in and live and eventually thrive.
  Chains Of Light  
     The way the faeries explained it to me, (and I may have got it wrong here), was that the rainbow range of colors in the Faerie Food, enhanced by the brightness and high sparkle factor in the original gems, act as basic building blocks or seeds. By seeding an area with these specialized colors it enables the faeries to have the basic building blocks to construct and connect the chains of light that link all the plants and rocks and water and lay lines in a fully functioning and alive environment. The presence of these light chains are also essential for faeries to live in an area. The chains of light share etheric energy with all that they connect and also provide the food (which is light) that faeries need to survive and thrive. Tending these chains them is one of the most important tasks for faeries. It keeps an area balanced and alive and provides them with ongoing nutrients.  

Once Upon A Time...

    Once upon a time faeries lived all across the planet playing a major role in the stewardship and care of the earth. These chains of light spread across the earth with the faeries. This formula was created to help the faeries regain their former range of habitat, heal the earth, bring more faeries into our lives and help us heal ourselves.

   Spray directly from the bottle and spray everywhere you want to. Allowing a spray or two to drift down through your aura is very pleasant, renewing and strengthening for your personal connection to nature spirits.


"Colors and hues that are so bright     

will feed the faeries with love and light.   

Spraying the Earth and connecting the chains   

will help Mother Earth let go of her pains."   

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   Kayla The Faerie Princess

   "I love the Faerie Food. My friends the Faeries are always crying for their food! I like the bigger bottle because I have so many wonderful faeries to feed."