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Be bold! Move forward. Take charge! Speak and act your truth. Courage helps you overcome doubts and fears and view your future as filled with achievable possibilities. Dissolve Guilt helps release patterns of low self-esteem, self blame, or self criticism that can create self sabotage. Immune Energy works to repair small holes in the aura and keep negative energies out. It also builds your self esteem which is the foundation of all successful manifesting.

Courage, Dissolve Guilt, Immune Energy                    Three 1 oz bottles $26.00


Creative Flow



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   Clear Spirit and Inspiration help you connect to your highest sources of inspiration and channel them into a strengthened passion to create. Together they link the higher Chakras for new ideas and approaches, to the lower Chakras for powerful and rich expression.

Mental Focus helps your mind focus on the creation process easily and work easily with receiving the creative flow. It also helps your mind contribute its gifts to the process without dominating. 

Clear Spirit, Inspiration, Mental Focus.                           Three 1 oz bottles $26.00


Divine Feminine



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   Balance male and female energies by opening to the Divine Feminine and all the magical gifts and joy that she wants to share. Healing Heart helps to open your heart so that love can be fully felt, shared and received. Sexual Healing melts frozen emotions, releases the full potential of your sensual and loving nature and opens you to your feelings and emotional intuition. Way of the Goddess opens, strengthens and balances your connection to the Divine Feminine allowing her wisdom and gifts to flow within you and out into your life.  

Healing Heart, Sexual Healing, Way of the Goddess.  Three 1 oz bottles $26.00




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These 3 blends are all good for increasing your energy levels. Athlete's Spirit encourages and supports increased physical activity. Rapid Recovery and Sustainable Energy help you recover from burn-out and exhaustion and assist you to draw in more energy and process it more smoothly. Take together for fullest effect.

Athlete's Spirit, Rapid Recovery, Sustainable Energy.  Three 1 oz bottles $26.00


Heart Repair


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   Open and repair your heart using Healing Heart. Let Bright Mornings drain the sadness from old hurts that may be still held deeply in your heart and stopping it from letting new love in. Trauma speeds the heart healing and rebuilding on the Auric level by repairing and closing the old emotional and physical wounds.
Healing Heart also helps repair emotional damage to the heart chakra and assist you to bring in better relationships.

Bright Mornings, Healing Heart, Trauma.                        Three 1 oz bottles $26.00


High Productivity


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   Enjoy easy success and high productivity every day. Un-Stress helps you stay centered and balanced while busy or multi tasking or dealing with pressure and deadlines. Mental Focus helps you shift from doing many things to focusing deeply on individually demanding tasks or projects. Inspiration helps you come up with new approaches to old problems and creative solutions to new challenges.

Inspiration, Mental Focus, Un-Stress
                               Three 1 oz bottles $26.00


Loving Relationships


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  Clear Communication clarifies your mind and opens your throat chakra to allow your truth out in a clear and gentle way. Healing Heart opens you to send and receive love in a balanced and honest and more open way, while Sexual Healing helps you build trust, intimacy and joy within yourself and with another. Take together or separately with love.

Clear Communication, Healing Heart, Sexual Healing
   Three 1 oz bottles $26.00


Mind Mastery


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  Are you ready to work at a high level and sharpen your mind? Use Clear Communication to order ideas into concepts, concepts into words, and words into strong and clear communication. Mental Focus supports your attention, and deeper concentration and learning ability while Un-Stress helps multitask effortlessly, even under pressure and challenge. Effortless clarity and help in a cocktail as each of these 3 support the other two's work.

Clear Communication, Mental Focus, Un-Stress
            Three 1 oz bottles $26.00




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   A strong Aura helps shield you from negative emotional, spiritual and physical energies. Each of these blends repairs and strengthens your aura in different but complimentary ways. Take them together or separately. See and feel the light around you bouncing the energies you don't want off you.    

Immune Energy, Trauma, Un-stress                                Three 1 oz bottles $26.00


Recover and Rebuid


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   Helpful when coming back from events and experiences that have been challenging on deep levels. Emotional losses, physical accidents, spiritual or mental disappointments. There are a number of ways that recovery, re-strengthening and rebuilding can get stalled before you make any progress. Emotional, mental and physical challenges can short-circuit recovering from a setback.

Inspiration gets your mind thinking about the future in a positive and open ended way, thus overcoming limiting thoughts. Rapid Recovery resets your nerves from the expectation that life will repeat past experiences and that better is not possible. Trauma repairs your aura and your chakras by closing auric holes and repositioning and rebuilding crushed or shattered parts of your Aura.   

Inspiration, Rapid Recovery, Trauma,                              Three 1 oz bottles $26.00


Shamanic Journey


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  This cocktail is a total chill pill for spiritual journeying, hypnosis, healing and spiritual work. Open, strengthen, and maintain your connection to Spirit with Clear Spirit as it opens your higher chakras to enhance meditation, intuition and guidance. Tranquility calms the mind and especially the emotions, allowing you surrender to go deeper and to receive. Un-Stress supports your quiet inner journey while it centers and protects you.  You may also use Mental Focus instead of Un-Stress in this cocktail.  

Clear Spirit, Tranquility, Un-Stress
                                   Three 1 oz bottles $26.00


Spiritual Connection


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   Walking the Spiritual path is a beautiful way, bringing love and balance and wisdom and joy. Open your higher chakras, heal and expand your heart, calm your emotions and doubts during periods of rapid expansion or tricky knot untying. Very centering and connecting, encouraging the light with its wisdom and love to flow into your system and fill your life more effortlessly. Take together or separately.  

Clear Spirit, Healing Heart, Tranquility                             Three 1 oz bottles $26.00


Stress Release


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   Yes that's right! Release Stress's steely grip with these gentle fast acting blends.  Rapid Recovery resets your nerves from the expectation that life will repeat past experiences and that better is not only possible but likely.
 Un-Stress gets your tasks, thoughts and goals clarified and organized, and you feeling balanced, centered, confident, and just plain loving it. Tranquility lets everything go at the end of the day and can also compliment the others during the day. No stress, No More.

Rapid Recovery, Tranquility, Un-Stress                            Three 1 oz bottles $26.00




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   Turning dreams into reality means setting goals and creating a plan to reach them, asking the universe for exactly what you want and trusting in the process. Visualizing and fully feeling your dreams helps them manifest. The energies from Dreams Come True support clarity of purpose, visualization, assertiveness, and creating opportunity. Clear Communication helps you clarify your thoughts and feelings and share your vision and passion with others. Un-Stress helps you with everything. Well almost everything, sip it frequently.

Clear Communication, Dreams Come True, Un-Stress     Three 1oz bottles $26.00


Surgery Assistance


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   This wonderful cocktail supports the healing process before and after operations. Pre-Op helps you align with the process you are entering, building trust and easing fears. Post-Op offers restorative and healing support during the recovery process by rebuilding energy, and repairing cut energy lines. Immune Energy helps rebuild your aura & keep you energetically protected in challenging environments.       

Immune Energy, Pre Operative, Post Operative            Three 1oz bottles $26.00


Full Line of Cocktail Sets


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   For those who want to use all of our Cocktail Sets, gift them to loved ones or those who simply have trouble choosing between so many happy combinations. This gives you one of each set at a discounted price.

                                                                                           Fifteen 3 bottle sets $390.00

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