Before Aura Cleanse


The BOTANICAL ALCHEMY AURA CLEANSER is a generous, loving, and balanced formula that cleanses and transforms negative or blocked energies. It works equally effectively in your personal energy field (aura), home, office, classroom, healing room, or with your family, pets, crystals, personal items, or sacred tools. Because the Aura Cleanser also renews energy connections, rebuilds joy, and rebalances after cleansing, using it is a delightfully renewing and uplifting experience. Healers and individuals who are energy sensitive use it to refresh

After Aura Cleanse

  themselves and  rebuild their protection from other people's energies, to clear their healing rooms and help their clients release and move forward. The lightness and joy it brings can be very addictive.

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Aura Cleanser


Energy Cleansing    


    The BOTANICAL ALCHEMY AURA CLEANSER cleanses negative energy that can get trapped in your Aura. This negative energy can come from other people's emotions, from toxic environments that we live, work, and travel in, or from our own unprocessed emotions. These can include old hurts, limiting thoughts, low self-esteem, or emotional states such as anger, fear, panic, confusion, apathy, depression, nervousness, frustration, bitterness, guilt, or spaciness. Releasing these stuck energies can help you feel lighter, happier, more balanced, centered, grounded, and loving. Releasing it from your living & working spaces can also help you clarify your thoughts and emotions, hear your intuition more clearly, communicate and heal more effortlessly. It will also help balance anyone who uses the space. I love that clearing and energizing helps you manifest your goals more easily.

The Aura Cleanser is an alchemically blended formula containing 6 Essential Oils, 35 Flower Essences, 12 Gem Essences. It is lovingly hand made in small batches in a 7 step process, from the highest quality ingredients. It is energetically charged to seek out & clear negative energies from your aura and physical spaces.



Sequenced Goals and Catalytic Functions
     The Aura Cleanser is also charged to do other tasks after it has cleansed. These are more catalytic, change and growth oriented goals. They are especially effective working after the cleansing. The Aura Cleanser facilitates all of its goal in a gentle, sequenced, and loving manner. This means it works on one goal at a time in an pre set order.

The Aura Cleanser is charged to work on these goals in the following order:

 ◊ 1 Cleansing and transforming negative or stuck energies
 ◊ 2 Renewing Life Force, and rebuilding your aura, boosting protection
 ◊ 3 Reconnecting to Spirit, Mother Earth, and your Personal Life Path
 ◊ 4 Rebalancing your energies and teaching you the benefits of balance
 ◊ 5 Gifting you energy to use for positive purposes in your life


Individual Effects

The Aura Cleanser moves energies gently, at a pace that you can integrate. Everybody's experience is slightly different as it adjusts to the unique needs of your aura or space. The large number of ingredients allows it to adjust to many different energies in a room, or even within one aura. The large number of ingredients also allows it to effectively work its way through its sequenced set of goals. Only the ingredients you need will be activated for your field, the others will just provide life force and balance.


Different Ways To Use Aura Cleanser

There are 2 great ways to use the Aura Cleanser

 1 Applying by hand
 ◊ 2 Spraying it

Applying by hand is the strongest way to use it. Spraying is more convenient and also very good for personal use. It is perfect for cleansing your personal, living and working areas.
The more you use the Aura Cleanser the more it opens your ability to see and feel the dense, stuck, dull, heavy or hot patches that develop in areas or sometimes, in bands around the body. Many people with psychic abilities have found that the Aura Cleanser enhances their sensitivity. Your intuition may blossom swiftly with use.
  Applying By Hand:
Place a full squirt (or 4-5 sprays) of Aura Cleanser in the palm of your hand & spread it lightly on your other hand to get it on both palms & fingers. Starting above the head, brush the aura with your hands like brushing a horse. I usually work the crown chakra first, then the area around the head and third eye that holds so many thoughts, and then down the body front and back, paying special attention to the front, rear, and base chakras. Other empty, dense, warm or cold areas may call out for more attention and extra Aura Cleanser. Follow your intuition Add more Aura Cleanser when your hands are dry, or for intensive work in stuck areas. Remind the receiver to breath in & fully out to facilitate the releasing process.

   Cleanse Your Crystals

  You can apply directly to crystals to help them cleanse & re-energize as well. Jewelry, particularly heirlooms can hold negative energy from the past.

   Lightly spray your aura, home, or working area. When spraying your own aura, spray 6 or so puffs in a circle above your head and allow the mist to come down like a very fine mist from above. Repeat about 15-30 seconds later. If you make the circle stretch out to about 2 feet out from the body it will drift through and cleanse several auric layers. Make sure you include the auric area behind your back to get the fullest effect.

When cleansing your home or office or healing room paying extra attention to areas that have experienced strong emotions or conflict in them. Repeat frequently if it is appropriate. Spraying is a good way to cleanse crystal clusters, stones or power objects.

   Spray Your Healing Room

  Spraying your healing room between clients can remove old energies that are left behind. This enables your healing room to stay fresh.

Family And Pets

   It is safe to use the Aura Cleanser on children and pets. Children love how they feel with it and my favorite Lhasa-Poo tries to eat the mist as it comes down. Pets are very sensitive to scents and energy shifts, so it is generally best to use a very small amount and maybe a little to the side of them until they get used to it. If it is too strong the first time they meet it, they may not be open to its healing effects in the future. Use the smallest amount with horses at first and introduce them to it's scent and effect slowly.

  Complements Most Healing Modalities

   The Aura Cleanser is very complementary and will not interfere with other healing modalities. It is currently being used by hundreds of healers. They use it to clear themselves and their spaces between clients, and they use it to help their clients.

  1 Before a session: Cleansing removes shallower day to day issues and grounds and balances your        client. This helps you get to deeper issues faster.

  2 During a session: Cleansing helps your client process and release memories, emotions, limitations, and  thought forms that come up more easily and completely.

  3 After a session: Cleansing helps lock in and ground the changes, and close any open and vulnerable  areas to provide greater protection back in the 'real world'.



Elementally Balanced                          

 The BOTANICAL ALCHEMY AURA CLEANSER is elementally balanced. This means that it has similar levels of Air, Fire, Water & Earth. This enables it to work effectively with any element or combination of elements that the blockage is composed of. Energy blockages are usually composed of more than one element. Having all 4 elements in a balanced manner, combined with its library of flower essences and gem elixirs, also means the Aura Cleanser can help you find greater elemental balance. Balancing our energies and connecting to our center is the first step in deeper healing.


Combines Well With Other Cleansing Techniques

   The Aura Cleanser uses four elements to cleanse. There are several 1 & 2 element cleansing techniques available today. Smudging, salt, alcohol & epsom salts, vinegar & water, visualization, water, sunlight & moonlight are all examples of 1 & 2 element cleansing techniques. The Botanical Alchemy Aura Cleanser works extremely well in conjunction with all of these. You may use the Aura Cleanser before & after these other techniques, or just after. If you use the Aura Cleanser afterwards you take advantage of the cleansing of the other technique and this will enable the Aura Cleanser to have more of its energy to work on its catalyzing functions of life force renewal, spirit, earth, & life path reconnecting, rebalancing and energy gifting.

  Take Care

   We recommend you use great care with the Aura Cleanser on valuable items. As we are not there with you we cannot take responsibility for what you do with it, or its effects. Most stones & metals such as silver, gold, crystals, and gemstones (which often need to be cleansed) enjoy the Aura Cleanser's effects. Others can be physically sensitive to the essential oils.

It may be wisest to avoid using it on pearls, opals, amber, or
anything that may be effected adversely by the essential oils

For many stones the oils reverse a drying and cracking process and have a positive nourishing effect. If the oils leave a visual residue on a stone or metal you can wash it off easily. It is unusual for this to be noticeable.