Elena Upton

Elena Upton


"I have used Botanical Alchemy Flower Essences successfully in my practice for over ten years. These special blends can counteract the imbalances of the psyche, therefore neutralizing physical effects so they may dissolve and disappear. Their action is gentle and efficient. I have numerous patients who utilize them on a regular basis. some examples; A composer who keeps a bottle of INSPIRATION on his piano when he is composing, a nervous flyer who won't travel without RAPID RECOVERY and TRAUMA tucked into her purse, a singer who is never without her CLEAR COMMUNICATION, numerous patients with sleep issues who are never without a bottle of TRANQUILITY on their night stand and of course the patients who call to say they were able to get through the loss of a loved one with the HEALING HEART formula. These formulas are such a valuable part of my practice, I couldn't imagine being without them"


...Elena Upton, Ph.D, Homeopath, Agoura, California

  "These products are wonderful! I am an Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, the Flower Essence's are a great adjunct to my practice. These essences are very potent and I am always pleased with the results that I get. Not only that, but at times patients seem to be more compliant with the essences then their herbal medicines. It's great to have another alternative. I use the Aura Cleanser with each acupuncture treatment to clear the energy and I especially use it before I am doing any Qi Gong work on a patient"

               ...Christina Martin L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., San Fran, CA
Cristina Martin


Ranae Johnson



"We use the Aura Cleanser to clear our treatment rooms of old energies and to clear our clients auric fields. We also use it to clear crystals or anything that needs an energy cleansing or a boost. We use it in our training rooms and it is a very popular formula with our practitioners and their clients."

...Ranae Johnson, MRET, DCH, PhD
Founder Rapid Eye Institute, Salem, Oregon



  "In over 23 years of searching and testing, these botanical alchemy formulas are the best emotional mental remedies that I have found. I have used them for years and have found them to be profoundly helpful to my clients, safe and gentle to use, and extremely complementary to other treatments and supplements. I wholeheartedly recommend them to help your clients."

      ...Craig Wagstaff, ND, Naturopathic Dr & Senior Lecturer
    BC. Canada
Craig Wagstaff


Lynn Walker


  "Clifton is an incredible healer and he has an outstanding grasp of emotions and their importance in healing. I have never found better products for healing emotional imbalances. These imbalances are frequently involved in the deeper underlying causes of disease states and I have used the Botanical Alchemy Flower Essence Blends and had great success, especially where clients were previously unable to make progress in healing. I have enjoyed a lot of success with his SEXUAL HEALING (Jasmine Blend) and prescribe it frequently for menopausal women experiencing decreased libido. All have come back reporting success. I wholeheartedly recommend the Botanical Alchemy line for your practice."

     ...Dr Lynne Walker, Dr Of Pharmacy, Naturopathy, and
Homeopathy, Licensed Acupuncturist, Best Selling Author

   "I promise that I will do your testimonial this week. I have been away. I love you lots"

...Pam Stalzer, Chiropractor, Calabasas, California


Pam Stalzer


Nancy Sacks


  "I explain these essences to my clients by saying 'These are vitamins for the emotions, by taking them you are able to transcend your patterns. they are magical and transformative. I especially love DREAMS COME TRUE, DISSOLVE GUILT, and RELEASE ANGER. With these last two I tell them that at first they may feel the emotion even more intensely and then they get more peaceful. After the World Trade tragedy, I opened a bottle of TRAUMA and a bottle of TRANQUILITY and gave it to everyone who came in. It was tremendously helpful for processing and releasing emotions and moving past the fears that were arising".
                   ...Nancy Sacks, Homeopath, Agoura, California

  "I use the Aura Cleanser and give a bottle to all of my students when they come to a class or workshop. Everybody loves the way it smells and the lightening effect it has on your energy and in your work or home environment. Most people are surprised by how quickly and strongly it works".

...Winalee Zeeb, NIA Instructor and Diver, Lansing, Mi

Winalee Zeeb


Ann Louise Gittleman


 "Another practice that has played a major role in coping with stress and other issue in my life, as well as in the lives of those around me is the use of flower remedies.

A new generation of flower essences has been developed that is helpful in detoxifying the inner. These remedies help to change fundamental patterns of behavior, feel relaxed and renewed, become more balanced during mental or physical stress, enjoy better concentration or mental focus, maximum energy levels, and restore or regenerate energy levels that have been lowered due to emotional or psychological imbalances".

                                  ...Ann Louise Gittleman, M.S., C.N.S.,
Best Selling Author and Health Researcher


   "I love Clifton's formulas and recommend them to all my students and Fung Shei clients. I was introduced to the HEALING HEART Blend before we met and it helped me move out of a relationship that no longer worked for me and into a more loving situation. His Aura Cleanser is extremely helpful for cleansing spaces and houses of old energies, one of the most important tasks in Fung Shei".

...Lillian Garnier, Author, Founder of The Lotus Institute Seattle Washington

Lillian Garnier


Susan Bradley


 "I recently tried Clear Communication and Healing Heart. Clear Communication produced greater clarity in my writing and speaking. I found it especially supportive when attending business functions that require the always awkward small talk. Healing Heart awakened places in my heart that I didn't realize were closed. I saw myself in an objective, yet kind, light. Along with the awareness of my "hurts" I was simultaneously presented with solutions to resolve those "hurts." Healing Heart was gentle, insightful, and hopeful.

         ...Susan L Bradley, Recovering Attorney, Seattle WA
   "Clifton does not just 'make' or 'sell' Flower Essences. He co-creates his blends with the highest intention of healing and the purest ingredients and offers them with integrity and compassion. He will literally search for years to find the highest quality oils and elixirs to create his products. I use the Aura Cleanser in my Massage Practice daily, to the delight and benefit of my clients. Clifton has supported me and my family through several spiritual and emotional shifts with his prescience, his intuition, his vast knowledge, and his superb blends. I always felt supported and guided without judgment. He uses this same integrity and healing presence when he creates his blends. I can always trust that the purest and highest intention, love and ingredients are offered in his products. --Lisa Heinkel, Massage Therapist Port Townsend WA

...Lisa Heinkel, Massage Therapist Port Townsend WA

Lisa Heinkel


Robin Gilmore


"The Aura Cleanser has been the best formula I have found for clearing a client prior to a Healing session and for dissolving the residue following a session. I can always rely on the results. I have also used the Flower Essence 'Transform Anger' and after a short period of time taking the essence I noticed that I had staggering dreams where I felt anger even rage in various situations. Yet I awoke to the awareness that the anger had dissipated. Now I am an absolute believer in the Flower Essences performance and distribute them to my clients as well as the Aura Cleanser. I appreciate the high quality results with all the Botanical Alchemy formulas!"

...Robin Gilmore CHt; RE

   "I love the Faerie Food. My friends the Faeries are always crying for their food! I like the bigger bottle because I have so many wonderful faeries to feed."

...Kayla, The Faerie Princess




Millie Thornton


 "Rapid Recovery flower essence is true to name. I suffered from low energy all my life -- I mean, so low I spent most of my time forcing myself to get through the day. I've spent years worth of time just resting in bed because that's all I could do. Within a few days of starting the drops I noticed a difference. Using up that bottle gave me the miracle I needed. Now I'm a high energy person and even seem to have more energy than most of the people around me. That was with one bottle. Of course, I did other things to increase my Chi energy at that time (meditation, CranioSacral, energy awareness classes, etc.) and actually worked really hard at it for 2-3 months. But I believe that without the Rapid Energy drops I could not have accomplished that huge shift. For two decades, I tried every natural health solution I could get my hands on, but nothing ever really changed. When I found flower essences my life turned around. Thank you, Clifton, for the amazing drops.

 ...Milli Thornton, Writing Coach

  Bonnett and I have extensively used Botanical Alchemy flower essences as well as Aura Cleanser & Life Force Renewal in our natural healthcare practice for over 10 years with extraordinary results for us and for our clients. Clients have experienced a noticeable freeing from places that they had previously felt stuck. The Botanical Alchemy products have helped propel them forward in evolutionary ways, to new destinations of balance, integration and wellbeing. We often give them to our clients during their sessions to help them work through whatever issues they feel challenged by. Many clients then choose to purchase an essence or Aura Cleanser to work more extensively on their issue.

Personally, we have found that Clifton's products have helped us more easily manifest our dreams. Shortly after using a cocktail of his Dreams Come True, Inspiration and Clear Spirit essences, we secured financing, a location and a premier builder to build our combination home and wellness center, which has been a great boon to our practice since its completion in August 2004. Professionally, we have built a steady, additional revenue stream by offering these incredible products to our clients. We recommend Botanical Alchemy products and Clifton as a wise business associate wholeheartedly, to our fellow natural healthcare professionals.

...Richard Chandler, RPP, CA Registered Polarity Practitioner & Certified Acupressurist.  Bonnett Chandler, Reiki Practitioner (Masters Level) Herbalist & Counselor

The Chandlers


Karen Anderson


     I am a big fan of Botanical Alchemy Flower Essences and use them every day in my work with the animals. I travel to many expos every year and have many clients coming and going for a session with their animals. Sometimes a lot of negative energy can build and I have found the Aura Cleanser to be perfect for clearing this out between clients. I also use Aura Cleanser in between sessions in my office. In my line of work Clear Communication is a must! I keep it right on my desk and use it every day. I have also recommended Healing Heart for my clients who are dealing with the loss of a beloved pet. The whole line of products is wonderful. Thank you Clifton for sharing your great products with us!

         Karen Anderson ~ Animal Communicator & Pet Psychic, Elk, Washington

  "Our family just recently made a move from Southern California to the Washington DC area and the Aura Cleanser has been an invaluable part of easing the transition. Between hotels, temporary housing and finally our new house, there is an immense amount of new and different energy that we have been absorbing. Every night our little girls ask for us to spray them with Aura Cleanser aka 'Fairy Spray'. It has become even more important to them than their favorite blankets or stuffed animals. It is hard to judge your own children, but we have gotten numerous compliments from strangers on how well are children have made the adjustment to such a big move and I know that the Aura Cleanser has been a huge part of that".

...Cheryl Inaba CFO, COO, CTO, Inaba Corporation

Inaba Family


Little Pixie


   "I am new to aura cleansers, and I stumbled upon the Botanical Alchemy Aura Cleanse. I wasn't sure how to use it at first, but now I use it quite frequently, even spraying my pillow with it lightly when I have trouble sleeping. It just calms me and allows me to go on with my normal routine easier. I am so glad I had a friend introduce me to the product."

...Little Pixie, Santa Barbara, CA

   "I have been using Clifton's "Protection Package": Immune Energy, Trauma, and Un-stress together, I alternate them on a daily basis; at first I thought the blend named "Trauma" may be intended for more severe situations in life, I quickly realize that for the energetically sensitive types like me, it is JUST RIGHT, it helps me to restore my auric field quickly usually in about two days. Also I enjoy using "New Pattern" right now, it is a good reminder every morning to take some and remind myself that I can move in life in a whole new way. Finally, my old-time favorite is the Isis Aura Cleanser, I don't know how people can go about their businesses in life without it, I like the scent, it is strong enough to clear my space when needed, and it is also an immediate lift for my energy field after a hectic day of "energy bumping" with other humans out there. Last but not least, Clifton has the best medicine of all as a healer: he can make me laugh at the end of the most exhausting week, he has the skill of an alchemist, the human understanding of what we go through in life, and the sense of humor that he infuses into his writing on his website that joyfully breaks the "hell shell" of whatever life throws at us, I believe that this is the true gift of Clifton's Magic."

                   ...Priya Lin, Hawai'i, Hi'iaka's Garden Princess

Priya Lin


Amy Richmond


"I started using the products of Botanical Alchemy recently with my 4 year old crystalline son who is very very active. His mind is super busy and I have had a hard time helping him slow down and relax even for a minute. At World Angel Day this year, I sat down and spoke with Clifton who was absolutely amazing and knew exactly what combination would benefit Jelani. I took my drops home that evening and began using them the next day and even that first day I could see a difference in him. I could see him sit and concentrate on whatever he was doing for a longer period of time and he even took a nap that day. And that is a rare occasion. I have seen a huge change in Jelani and it is amazing. I want to thank Clifton for the love and energy he puts into each of his products. He has truly made a difference in the life of myself and my son. Thank you so much for your love and support. You have no idea what it means to me!!! Thanks Clifton!!"
                                                               ...Amy Richmond  


My husband and I have been using your essences since midsummer, and we've been very pleased with how they have helped us deal with issues both significant and minor. We have been so pleased that we tried them with a longstanding trouble with one of our pets as a last resort before having to put him possibly permanently on antidepressants, something unpleasant for many reasons, not the least of which was the idea of getting a pill down a reluctant pet's throat every day.

I have put Transform Anger, Calm Child, and alternately Tranquility and New Patterns in the water dishes every night for a week now, and already there is significant difference in our house. We have five cats, and for the past year two of them have been at each other's throats, and one of them basically went into an angry depression. We were close to having to put him down because he was so angry and on the edge, and he was urinating everywhere he shouldn't. We didn't want to put him down, but his behavior was so bad that at best we could isolate him and let him live separate from the family. We felt it was no quality of life at all, but no matter how long we isolated him--days, weeks, months--he was still getting angrier and more out of control.

Right now that cat, Blair, is sitting behind me in my office, contentedly curled up in a cat stand, where he has been all night. He has been fully out of isolation for three days. He hasn't urinated inappropriately at all, he's been cuddly and mellow and very nearly his old self. We are seeing behavior in him we haven't seen in over a year and some that goes back even further. He is still cranky around the other cat, but even that cat (who drinks the same water) has changed. They have already moved towards a bit more respect for each other. I am hoping that with continued use of the essences they can unwind with each other even further.

Thank you so much for helping us bring Blair back from such a bad mental place. It was so heartbreaking because there was no way at all to talk to him, no way to bring him back, and then suddenly there was. You've helped restore us a member of our family.

Sincerely,  Heidi Cullinan  

Heidi Cullinan




"How are you?...We are totally out of aura cleanser. Holy Mother of God - it's a crisis ( just kidding ) but we are plumb out smack dab none.

Did I order some from you recently? Cause I knew we were getting low and I knew I needed to email you....then I kinda thought maybe I did, but then I thought
maybe I just dreamed that I did Anyway - we love you and would you kindly send about 12 - 1 oz bottles and 4 - 2 oz bottles and just CHARGE IT Dahling, and have a lovely day!



"Hi Clifton,  Here is some info of my experience of the flower essence....

I first started using cleansing fire in the evenings and during the day clear spirit and immune energy. Clear Spirit helped me have more awareness during my daily interactions with people and immune energy help with balancing and not exhausting my self as much during stressful tasks at my work.

I also had send a little bottle of the essences to my mother in Macedonia and she mentioned how her energy level is improving , that was the one named immune energy .

I truly believe that Clifton's flower essence are very helpful and also inspirational for the body, mind and spirit."


Jana Sferios




"More Testimonials are on the way!!!!!!!!!! This delphinium is to help all those who have promised but not yet completed their testimonials to get over any guilt that they might feel"
. :-)) --Clifton

...Clifton Harrison, Founder Botanical Alchemy, Santa Barbara, CA