Flower Essence Blends

    At Botanical Alchemy we believe that flower essences, properly used, are some of the safest, most effective, and least intrusive remedies in the natural pharmacopoeia. Unlike the more common single flower remedies, all Botanical Alchemy formulas are synergistic blends of several flowers. These blends have been carefully designed and tested over many years. Combining essences in this way produces an effect that greatly enhances the potency of each remedy, promotes deeper action, and more predictable effects. Synergistic Blending allow flowers to become a breakthrough tool for individuals and practitioners in the most challenging circumstances.

  Energy Medicines  
  Flower Essences belong to the growing field of "energy medicine" represented by the Homeopathic, Ayurvedic and Oriental health systems. Like other potentized remedies they carry and impart the vibrational patterns of the life forces they were made from, not the physical or chemical constituents of physical remedies like herbs.  

Synergistic Blending

   Until recently most essences were available only as single flower remedies. Now, after years of research into the effects of combining different flowers we have created a new class of essences: Synergistic Blends which greatly enhance the potency and balance of each remedy. By using these essences properly you can change fundamental emotions underlying patterns of behavior or address specific symptoms. Our blending allows you to experience and enjoy the wonderful healing effects of flower essences without the steep learning curve and expense that single remedies have required up till now.    
  By our synergistic blending and the careful design of our formulas we are able to achieve deeper, broader, and more reliable results. By synergistically blending several flowers in a single formula we have eliminated the process of choosing one flower and hoping that it is the correct choice.

Formula Structure

  By using the Chinese Herbal Blending structure of Primary, Major and Supporting ingredients we are able to help you achieve predictable results that are both deep and broad. The Primary flower, or flowers, of each formula provide the strongest energy to achieve the goals of the formula. They set the direction, and power the formula. A good example of this would be the in the Healing Heart formula.  

The primary flowers for healing the heart in this formula are HIBISCUS, for inner balance, and BLEEDING HEART for healing old heart wounds. The major flowers are almost as significant. They usually support the primary flowers, broaden their effect, or add another dimension to the formula. In the HEALING HEART formula these are GRINDELIA, for releasing stuck issues, and PINK and STICKY MONKEY FLOWERS for intimacy and communications help.  Next, there is the supporting flower, or

  flowers. In this formula, it is WILD SUNFLOWER. Normally used for developing a greater feeling of safety, we also use it here to help draw in new and more appropriate, relationships.

This is an excellent example of a supporting flower deepening the formula's effects as well as broadening the formula's goals by taking it beyond repairing the past, to helping create a better future.

This detailed example clearly illustrates the greater range of effects you can achieve with these synergistic blending techniques. Another advantage of having more flowers supporting and broadening the central thrust of a formula is that you have a greater chance of achieving your goals. With a single flower, you might pick a flower that sounds appropriate but find it lacks the ability to get to your emotional 'heart of the matter'. Blends give you a greater chance of receiving a high impact flower and supporting its work. 


Our Flowers


   Our formulas are lovingly crafted from the finest wild and homegrown flowers spanning 13 countries and 4 continents. They are harvested and potentized with the greatest respect and care. We are proud to bring you what we feel are the finest and most effective botanical essences in the world.

  Caring For Your Flower Blend  

We suggest you carry your flowers with you during the day or store them where they can be seen as a reminder to use them. Remember, they only work when you take them. We also suggest they be stored them away from strong electromagnetic fields such as TVs, microwave ovens, or computers, which can weaken the strength of the flower blends over long term exposure. Short term exposure to these or even airport X-Ray machines will not kill them, so feel free to travel with your flowers.


    Flower blends are very simple to take and the more advanced techniques described here are helpful but not necessary to achieve results. Advanced users and practitioners will find that taking the blend in the most appropriate way will ensure they achieve consistent and swift results in even difficult cases.

Dosage Techniques

    There are 2 excellent ways to take our blends. Each have their advantages. Some of our blends are designed to work most effectively using the enhanced sipping method. The two techniques are:

  1. The traditional 'Under the Tongue' Method which is slower.
  2. The Enhanced Sipping Method which is much faster.

  The Traditional Under-the-Tongue Method  

 The traditional dosage technique for Flower Essences is to take 2-4 drops under the tongue, 2-4 times each day. This is easy and generally effective. It is also an appropriate way to take Flower Essences when you are taking remedies of a deeper and longer-term nature though even long term remedies work best by sipping.


Blends You Can Take Under The Tongue

The blends that can work effectively by being taken the traditional way are:

HIDDEN ISSUES (under the tongue, or sipping)
LIGHTEN GRIEF (homeopathic, so only under tongue, no sipping)



You can to take the
Hidden Issues Blend both ways. As often as you like if you are looking to bring things up fast, or if you want to be careful with its highly catalytic nature then start working with single doses under the tongue. Take more doses each day until things start to come up. Then you can control the pace of change by taking more doses to accelerate and less doses to slow the process down.


  Feel free to take the Lighten Grief Blend whenever you need it. It is extremely swift and effective for any strong emotional or mental state. Take under the tongue and repeat after fifteen minutes if you need another dose. Repeat a third time if you need to.

Enhanced Sipping Method for Faster Effect


 For a faster effect place 3 to 7 drops of a formula in a glass of water or other liquid, and then sip frequently. Because flower essences are vibrational medicines even a small sip of this water is as strong as dose under the tongue or a whole glass drunk all at one time.
It is important to understand that you get increased effect with flower essences by more taking more doses, not by increasing the size of the dose. This is one of the major ways that energy medicines differ from standard medicines. For the swiftest results take a sip every minute or two. This allows the doses to build on each other and build to a noticeable effect very fast. In a bottle of water, for carrying with you during the day, increase the number of drops of each formula to 7-11 drops.

Work this way with the
BRIGHT MORNINGS (Blue Flag Blend), for example, and you should feel the shift from sadness, or emotional overwhelm, to being happier, more positive and joyful, within about 10-15 minutes. This swift effect is the major benefit of the enhanced way to take the flowers. Each sip builds on the sip before and soon the effect is strong enough to achieve the desired result.


   Good Blends For Sipping

These blends and have been specifically designed for the enhanced sipping method. They will work most effectively when you place 3-7 drops in a glass of water, juice, or alcoholic drink. Then as you sip the liquid each sip is one energy wave through your aura. With multiple sips the energy builds cumulatively to create a swift and noticeable effect.

 It's not how much you take but how often you take them.






UN-STRESS Formula is our most popular blend. It is a formula that is designed specifically for the enhanced sipping method. By sipping it every one to two minutes it is possible to go from a state of confusion and overwhelm to being very balanced and calm. Most people find this takes only 5-7 sips, even in extreme circumstances.

UN-STRESS acts by calming emotions and tension, and helping you find your center within a protective shield. It then orders your thoughts, ideas, goals, and information into serenely calm  groups naturally prioritized by importance, deadlines and practicality.  I love it :-)
Then it continues to aid you in being centered, and more easily clarifying and dealing effectively with each task, or problem, in a calm and sequenced way.

The first thing you notice is going from stressed out to calm. Then, as you keep sipping it, you go from calm to confident optimism and then high focus and surprising productivity. A very very popular blend for times of crisis, confusion, emotions or just getting through a 21st century day.



Dosage Tips


 Please allow 1 minute or more between doses of the same remedy to allow the body to recognize each dose as separate. Generally allow 5 minutes between doses of different remedies. However there are blends that work with each other so well that you can 'cocktail' them into water together and take them at the same time. For advanced dosage strategies please visit our ADVANCED DOSAGE TECHNIQUES PAGE.

Flower essences are similar to homeopathic remedies in that it is not how much you take at a time, but the number of doses you take, that determines their effectiveness. They build their effects cumulatively through multiple doses. Think of them as waves of energy gently moving through your aura, with each wave building on the work of the previous wave.


Alcohol Preserved


   Our blends are preserved with fine brandy, using an alcohol content of 18% by volume and have a shelf life of many years. (For those who are alcohol sensitive, use warm - hot water, (but not extremely hot), and let sit for a five to ten minutes after adding the remedy. This will allow the alcohol to evaporate from the warmth of the water). We do make Alcohol almost free (less than 1%) bottles to order but we charge extra and advise you keep them in the fridge as often as you can to extend their life.